About Us

We are a modern Medical Clinic

One of our guiding principles is that “No key fits every Lock”, All patients are different and the right procedure for each has to be tailored to his or her expectations (physical and mental) & limitations (physical and financial). Our USP at the Dr Lalseta’s Shraddha Hospital is this seamless integration of both surgical and non surgical techniques by both our doctors who are each other’s closest allies and sharpest critics. This approach helps us to crease out your plan for the treatment using the best and most effective procedures, thereby ensuring a better result with lesser downtime.

Our Vision

The vision has metamorphosed into a setup with the latest in diagnosis, treatment and prevention of all kinds of skin & hair disorders and dental health problems. Having successfully treated thousands of patients over past ten years and helping them LOOK and FEEL better.

Our Philosophy

Pursuit of excellence in every field of medical specialisation!

We are relentlessly building the bedrock of excellence in the Hospital by continuously refurbishing its spaces, installing the most modern medical equipment and injecting professionalism and dedication in our management team, so that our world class doctors can discharge their duties and responsibilities in an academically stimulating and hassle-free environment.